A Tale of two Drinks: Red Blooded and Pink Hearted

This is a tribute to two drinks that have never once let me down thus far. To me they are the drink equivalent of spaghetti with meatballs. Simple, easy to make and yet never boring. Fun and zesty, but not overwhelmingly sweet. What I like about them is that they are in no way heavy but rather refreshing – perfect for a barbecue, a board game night or even brunch. And they look pretty!

For the Love of Gin: Volume 1, Gin and Honey


It was sort of a no-brainer when it came to which ingredient had to be featured in my very first blog post: Gin! Given its current popularity there is always a new kind to try, a new combination to taste. This versatility I just love! So there is definitely more to come. This post, however, is about a specific gin cocktail. An old classic which I fell in love with immediately. In fact, it seems to be a rather forgotten classic since whenever I mention it to someone, they do not recognize it at all.