The Moscow Mule – Much too stubborn to be a Fad!

Last summer the Moscow Mule had gotten a lot of attention. Also by yours truly. And I do not see why this would be a one summer fad. This drink is much too refreshing and delicious for that!


Moscow Mule from above_

The Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug (while this may sound very pretentious: this drink is made by the mug). Funny enough I have had a really hard time finding those in Switzerland (the depicted ones were a most appreciated wedding gift – yeah, someone knows me!). But not to worry, you can get them. I think this /this  is a great deal and the mugs have this look that I just love (you just might have to get a little creative if you live in Switzerland). You also can find some here or here (or a a rainbow-version here).

So, with that out of the way, let’s get down to business. I have rarely experienced so much inconsistency when it comes to this cocktail. While this can be somewhat annoying, I decided to use it to my advantage and create my own little symphony (and I strongly encourage you to do the same). Having said that, the basic ingredients are:

–          Vodka

–          Ginger Beer

–          Lime juice

As just mentioned, I have my own favourite little recipe. As it seems to please many, let me share this with you:

–          1 shot of Vodka
–          3/4 shot of fresh (!) lime juice
–          Chilled ginger beer
–          Ice cubes (in my case – the more the better)
–          5-10 mint leaves (do not muddle them with a spoon or pestle, just slap them once over your wrist to bruise the leaves and release the aroma, add them to the drink last)

Moscow Mule ingredients

If you cannot get enough of that ginger taste you may want to add some slices of fresh ginger. When it comes to the ginger beer I have one favourite brand that simply surpasses all the others: Fever-Tree! If you, on the other hand, prefer ginger to be less dominant, I recommend you choose ginger ale instead of ginger beer (by Fever-Tree – this strongly depends on the brand).

GIner Beer_Ginger Ale

Tip: If you find that the drink as described above is just overall a little too sweet, try replacing half the ginger beer/ginger ale with club soda.

Now, buckle up, here are some further suggestions of things you can add – subject to personal preference:

–          Cucumber slices (you can add them to or replace the mint leaves by them)
–          Rosemary
–          Basil
–          Strawberries (or other berries)
–          Pineapple
–          Cubes of watermelon

Go on, make your own rules 🙂 I cannot wait to hear how you like your Mule best!  😀 Feel free to leave a comment and share your favorite ingredients.

Here’s to a great and hot summer!

Chilled Moscow Mule

Drink it in! Cheers!

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