For the Love of Gin: Volume 2, Colour me Intrigued

Gin it is again. This time I am addressing an absolute classic: the Gin & Tonic! This cocktail has enjoyed a hype of an entirely new dimension – and with good reason! As a result there are new kinds of gin and tonic springing up like mushrooms and it is near impossible to keep track. But sometimes a drink looks so intriguing you can’t possibly miss it! And that’s what it’s about today: The looks.


While most G&Ts do not look much different from a glass of club soda with garnish, today is about a G&Ts that dare to show colour. While I think that colour does not a drink make, it sure does have the potential of making it more interesting.

Without further ado, here are the eccentrics that caught my attention:

No 1: The Pink Drink

Pretty in pink this G&T is because of the new Tonic by Thomas Henry. While its looks remind of cotton candy, it actually contains the floral bouquet of cherry blossoms. According to my good friend Ginventory a great match for this tonic would be the Hanami Gin, a gin that also contains the essence of cherry blossoms. Since I’m not a big fan of overly floral drinks I decided to go with the Jinzu Gin instead, a sake based gin with – in addition to cherry blossoms – notes of yuzu citrus. Still I almost developed hay fewer due to the overwhelmingly floral scent escaping from this drink! And sweet it is, too. Sorry gorgeous, we don’t work out. But no worries, it’s not you – it’s me ;)…. You’re going to make someone else very happy someday.

Still determined to make friends with a pink Gin & Tonic I also tired the Schweppes Premium Mixer Hibiscus Tonic. I added it to the Swiss Manufaktor Gin– a traditionally made London Dry Gin which I absolutely love!  Now that’s a drink I’ll have again! The floral notes are more subtle, very harmonic, not overly sweet and yet intriguingly different. And a beauty, too.



No 2: Rust, is it?

Again it is the tonic that tinges the drink. This particular tonic you will love… or you really won’t.

Created and manufactured in Berne, Switzerland, Tom’s Tonic looks like rust. Seriously – this one is no looker. According to the manufacturer, the red-ish colour is caused naturally by the extraction process of the quinine root. It also sais on their website – in Latin – that there is no accounting for taste and colour (De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum). There really is not. There does not have to be. I love it! It is much less sweet than your regular tonic, harsh and intense. The tonic equivalent of a Quentin Tarantino movie – either right on your wavelength…or really far off. I myself enjoy this tonic (yes, the tonic is the leading actor here) with a classic London Dry Gin (such as Beefeater, Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire). No garnish. No nothing. Also, this is one of the few tonics I for one also enjoy solo from time to time.

It is rather hard to get your hands on. Here is where I found it (and got it in bulk).

Tip: This tonic can be a little moody. Just to be safe I recommend opening the bottle over the sink – sometimes it is in quite a hurry. Also it leaves a red trace on the glass (rinseable of course) and occasionally develops a stickishly foam on top. All part of the charm or – as the manufacturers call it – just nature’s caprices.


No 3: Why so blue?

This time the gin is the colourful lead. A gorgeously blue one! As soon as I got wind of its existence I knew I had to have it: The Deux Frères Gin, invented in Switzerland, distilled in Austria.  25 botanicals and passionate research resulted in this very balanced gin with soft floral notes and a lovely hint of citrus. But the actual magic happens when tonic is added … and the whole drink turns purple! This colour change is caused by the shift in the ph-value (for which the Fevertree Tonic is recommended).

On the bottle it reads “Bis idem non est idem”. I know, again with the Latin. I’m beginning to feel all pretentious 😉 . It roughly translates into “twice the same does not mean identical”.  Whether you drink it blue or purple: Calling this gin a mere magic trick would be insultingly underselling it! It is primarily a great drink that just in addition makes for a great ice breaker on a first date ;).  Garnish with a sprig of rosemary or orange peel. If you want to give this one a try your self – here‘s where you find it.



So what’s your colour?


Drink it in! Cheers!

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