Let’s talk Watermelon

Watermelon season is here! Yummy, refreshing and even figure friendly (not just the calorie count – those things are heavy ;))! And they look cool too!

You can obviously keep it simple and just eat the thing. Or wear it. But there are many more ways to enjoy this giant and gorgeous piece of fruit!

For example: The Boozy Wedges. This absolute party classic is very easy to make. All you need is one watermelon and one bottle of vodka. Make sure you prepare the watermelon 24 hours to three days before you intend to slice it. It takes time to absorb the vodka. But let’s go through this one step at a time:

– Cut a hole into the rind of the watermelon
– Take a funnel and pour in the vodka (total amount of vodka depends on the size of the watermelon and your personal preference – a big melon can very well absorb an entire bottle of vodka). Do not pour in all the vodka at once but a little bit every few hours
– Keep the cut out “plug” to close the hole and also for transportation
– Cut into wedges and serve

Next on the list: Watermelon juice (and guest). If you do not own a juicer like myself here’s how you make juice without it:

– Cut watermelon into cubes (don’t worry about removing the seeds – and the fun of it at the same time)

– Blend it with a regular kitchen blender  – if you only have a hand-held-blender make sure to cover the bowl with a (paper)towel as watermelon tends to splatter all over the place as it liquefies.

– Put the blended melon trough a strainer while collecting the juice in a bowl. Work the pulp using a spoon or rubber spatula to get all the juice out.

Now about the cocktails: Given that the taste of watermelon juice is delicious already on its own I recommend adding “supporting characters” only which don’t try to steal the watermelon’s thunder. For example:

– watermelon juice
– 1 shot of vodka
– ice
– top off with club soda


– watermelon juice
– 1 shot of rum
– 1 dash of fresh lemon juice
– ice

OR simply:

– watermelon juice
– sparkling wine (ratio subject to personal preference, add club soda to make it even lighter)

Tip I: To summer-ize other cocktails such as white wine spritzers or just sparkling wine you can add cubes of (frozen) watermelon or watermelon juice-ice-cubes.

Tip II: Use very sharp knifes only for cutting watermelons. Once you need to use a lot of force your fingers are in grave danger ;).

For all of you who just cannot get enough watermelon or the watermelon season just isn’t long enough: Worry not! Help is on the shelves! A nice additive for cocktails and other recipes are watermelon liquor and syrup. They also make a great topping for vanilla ice cream!

I hope you found your favourite way (or at least a new way) of enjoying this big round pal. If you haven’t or you just simply don’t like watermelons, here’s one more suggestion :D.

Drink it in! Cheers!

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