GOT Part 3/3 – Because Winter is finally here

As a warm welcome to actual winter here come the final three GOT-drinks


Strong, sweet, invigorating and rich enough to endure the cold – here’s the “Jon Snow”:

– 60 ml Bourbon (e.g. Bulleit)
– 30 ml espresso (fresh)
– 15 ml of Irish Cream Liquor (e.g. Baileys)
– (optional) 15 ml of Crème de Cacao (e.g. Monin)
– 15 ml of single cream (or half/half)

Shake Bourbon, espresso, Irish Cream Liquor and Crème de Cacao with ice and strain into an ice-filled glass. Pour in cream.

Glass: GLOBUS (CHF 6.90pP)


– 45ml of gin (e.g. The Botanist)
Fentiman’s rose lemonade

Pour gin into glass filled with ice. Top off with rose lemonade.
Simply a beauty!

Glass: GLOBUS (CHF 19.80 pP)


– 6-8 fresh Raspberries
– 30ml Vodka (e.g. Stolichnaya)
– 15ml freshly squeezed lime juice
– 15ml simple syrup
– Top up with sparkling wine

Muddle the raspberries in shaker, add vodka, lime juice and sugar syrup. The shake well with ice and strain into glass. Top up with sparkling wine.

Glass: Fount that at IKEA years ago – I don’t even think they make these anymore *lol*

Drink it in! Cheers!

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