Hi, welcome to Tall Drink!

My name is Laura Wyss, I am 29 years old and I live in Zurich, Switzerland. I am very happy that you are here!

The reason I started this blog is because I enjoy drinks. I enjoy researching them, I enjoy making them, I enjoy looking at them and I enjoy tasting them. To me it is all about the whole experience of having a drink. It is a time to have fun, to be curious, to experience taste and to just enjoy the moment. It is about really taking it in! Presumably you are here because you share this attitude. And if not, I hope you give it a shot!

I started to write about it because I would like to share my discoveries. I happen to have plenty of those as I am incredibly curious by nature. And oh yes, I am also completely and utterly incapable of following a recipe. After one quick look at it I would take it apart in my mind. Over time I have come to rely on this because…well… as I said. I am simply incapable of anything else. Also, it has lead me to discover some truly amazing combinations. You will notice that I am not about overly flamboyant or complicated drinks. Simplicity is key! This is not to be attributed to my laziness. Sometimes I will even try a recipe that looks promising even when it is rather complicated. I just believe that A) a few strong ingredients that complement each other and where you can appreciate and distinguish each component is what having a drink is all about and B) the preparation part (that includes shopping for the ingredients) of having a drink should be reasonably time-consuming. Otherwise you will not be having that drink more than once.

I will be taking apart some classics and will let you know exactly what I have done to it and why I found that to be a good idea. I will also throw some drinks at you (ha-ha, get it?) which I created myself (disclaimer at this point: those recipes may exist already and probably do in some variation – I just happened to think of them myself as well and was not going to waste precious time checking if I am plagiarizing). Sporadically I will cover some sort of theme or introduce you to a great drink experience I have made abroad. This blog is all about improving the entire experience of enjoying a drink. It is to inspire you to try new things, perhaps even in a new place. It is also about adding some spice to it (sometimes quite literally) and introducing gadgets which I have found to be not just fun but actually very useful and/or help to reduce waste (ok, sometimes they are also simply fun).

Thank you for being here! Enjoy! Take it all in!




Remarks: When I use some tool or glass I find very useful or particularly pretty I will share a link to where you can find it. The same goes for the ingredients. Since this is a Switzerland based blog I will – where possible – add international distributors.

Alcoholic recipes are intended for those of legal drinking age; please mind your local laws.