Imagine this: It’s a hot day outside (and – if you are particularly unlucky – a hot day inside), it’s been a long and dreadful day at the office, you’re all hot and the clothes stick to your skin while you feel the sweat running down your back. Actually, at the moment little imagination is needed. So this is when my inner child would put simply pout and say: “I want ice cream!!”. My adult (:D yeah, let’s pretend for a moment) self would rather go for a cocktail. So what to do? I’ll tell you….

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For the Love of Gin: Volume 2, Colour me Intrigued

Gin it is again. This time I am addressing an absolute classic: the Gin & Tonic! This cocktail has enjoyed a hype of an entirely new dimension – and with good reason! As a result there are new kinds of gin and tonic springing up like mushrooms and it is near impossible to keep track. But sometimes a drink looks so intriguing you can’t possibly miss it! And that’s what it’s about today: The looks.

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