GOT Part 1/3, Winter Is Here!

Winter is here! …you guessed it: I am a Game of Thrones-nut! I will honour this epic series with theme drinks. I won’t be commenting on the series – not only to avoid any spoilers for those who haven’t seen the last episode. This is purely about the joy of drinking with the benefit of being a little numb when… bad things happen 😉

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Joys of Rum, Volume 1: Mojito Revolution

In the summertime when the weather is high… it is time to have yourself a Mojito! Ice cold, super refreshing and not overwhelmingly sweet – what’s not to love?! This drink is prepared so quickly you won’t even have a chance to break a sweat! Do you still need convincing since you kinda like this drink but just don’t quite manage to love it? Well… Let’s work on that then 😉

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Imagine this: It’s a hot day outside (and – if you are particularly unlucky – a hot day inside), it’s been a long and dreadful day at the office, you’re all hot and the clothes stick to your skin while you feel the sweat running down your back. Actually, at the moment little imagination is needed. So this is when my inner child would put simply pout and say: “I want ice cream!!”. My adult (:D yeah, let’s pretend for a moment) self would rather go for a cocktail. So what to do? I’ll tell you….

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Let’s talk Watermelon

Watermelon season is here! Yummy, refreshing and even figure friendly (not just the calorie count – those things are heavy ;))! And they look cool too!

You can obviously keep it simple and just eat the thing. Or wear it. But there are many more ways to enjoy this giant and gorgeous piece of fruit!

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For the Love of Gin: Volume 2, Colour me Intrigued

Gin it is again. This time I am addressing an absolute classic: the Gin & Tonic! This cocktail has enjoyed a hype of an entirely new dimension – and with good reason! As a result there are new kinds of gin and tonic springing up like mushrooms and it is near impossible to keep track. But sometimes a drink looks so intriguing you can’t possibly miss it! And that’s what it’s about today: The looks.

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Hugo who?

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Yes, I know – that’s not very nice of me. Of course we all know Hugo!

Elderflower, soda, some bubbly, some mint leaves, a little lime if you like – voilà! Hugo ticks all the boxes of a refreshing summer drink. Ever since about a decade ago there has been no summer without him. He’s this unobtrusive, tasty and delightful companion and – at the same time – the ultimate wingman for elderflower beverages.

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A Tale of two Drinks: Red Blooded and Pink Hearted

This is a tribute to two drinks that have never once let me down thus far. To me they are the drink equivalent of spaghetti with meatballs. Simple, easy to make and yet never boring. Fun and zesty, but not overwhelmingly sweet. What I like about them is that they are in no way heavy but rather refreshing – perfect for a barbecue, a board game night or even brunch. And they look pretty!

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