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GOT Part 2/3, “I drink and I know things.”

Introducing this week: The “Tyrion”, the “Sansa” and the “Milk of the Poppy” amarettoangosturaorangebitterschardonnaycocktailcordon rougedisaronno originaledrinkdrink seriesdrinks.chgameofthronesgenerousginGinglobusgobletgotgrand marniergrey gooseicecreamlannistermartinirossomilkofthepoppymovenpicksansashotshot glassstarkstrainswisscystalgintyrionvodkaWestwingwhitewinewinterishere

GOT Part 1/3, Winter Is Here!

Winter is here! …you guessed it: I am a Game of Thrones-nut! I will honour this epic series with theme drinks. I won’t be commenting on the series – not only to avoid any spoilers for those who haven’t seen the last episode. This is purely about the joy of drinking with the benefit of being a…